The CellarUpstairs
The CellarUpstairs

 Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street,  London NW1 2HR (on the corner of Cobourg Street, near Euston and Euston Square stations; parking is easy), on Saturdays at 8.15pm

INFORMATION: 020 7281 7700; E-mail: Cellarupstairs;
ENTRANCE: Members: £6, non-members: £7 (unwaged £1.50 less), except on nights marked * when it will be £7 and £8. 


MEMBERSHIP: £2 for the year (September to August).
ACCESS: The club room is up a short staircase.
RESIDENT PERFORMERS: Jim Younger & Gail Williams, Peta Webb & Ken Hall, Bob Wakeling &Ellie Hill, Frankie Cleeve and Sue Williams.

January - June 2014

 4 JAN:    4 JAN:JOHN FOREMAN AND RACKER DONNELLY (two masterly performers - the Broadsheet King with music hall and other songs, and witty Irish performance poet, one of the most entertaining people on the London scene)

11 JAN: ALICE WYLDE (superb, authentic Appalachian singer with well-reviewed new CD; songs from her family and others, unaccompanied and on guitar) 

18 JAN: JEZ LOWE (popular singer-songwriter from County Durham, writer of Coal Town Days, Durham Gaol, The Bonny Barque the Bergen and many others)  

25 JAN: MOIRA CRAIG AND MALCOLM AUSTEN (superb Scots singer, member of Craig Morgan Robson, and her partner, English singer of ballads, comic songs and witty spoofs) 

1 FEB:    FRANK WESTON AND DAVE STACEY (two fine players of old-timey American songs, with banjo and guitar accompaniment) 

8 FEB:    COPPER FAMILY (famous Sussex singing family, great upholders of the English tradition; their songs are a vital part of the traditional repertoire) 

15 FEB: CAROL ANDERSON and SUE WILLIAMS & FRANKIE CLEEVE (virtuoso Scots fiddler shares the evening with English harmony singers, one also a fine fiddler) 

22 FEB: CATH AND PHIL TYLER (traditional American songs and others from compelling Anglo-American duo, one a former member of Cordelia’s Dad; banjo and harmonies) 

1 MAR: PLEASE NOTE CHANGE TO ORIGINAL PROGRAMME.  Instead of Kate Lissauer the guest tonight will be Robin Gillan, who plays old-timey American and traditional British songs and music on fiddle, banjo, harmonica, guitar and melodeon.  As well as one solo album, Robin has recorded with numerous bands and artists, including the legendary Tom Paley (who played with Woody Guthrie and the New Lost City Ramblers), has been booked at many festivals and folk clubs over the years, and has won several awards for his fiddle and banjo playing.

8 MAR*: SISTERS UNLIMITED (Sandra Kerr, Janet Russell, Peta Webb and Rosie Davis bring us songs about women, and the odd dance, for International Women’s Day) 

15 MAR: TONY HALL (great melodeon player and eccentric; songs and tunes from Norfolk, mainly traditional, and a few quirky ones of his own) 

22 MAR*: DAVE SWARBRICK (famous English fiddler who also plays with Martin Carthy and used to play with Fairport Convention and Whippersnbapper; traditional songs and tunes) 

29 MAR*: MELROSE QUARTET (Nancy Kerr, James Fagan and Richard & Jess Arrowsmith in wonderful new-ish group; songs and tunes, traditional and other, on various instruments) 

5 APR:   FRANKIE ARMSTRONG (eminent and popular feminist singer, also known for her singing of traditional ballads and songs) 

12 APR:  Closed for Easter 

19 APR: Closed for Easter 

26 APR: KLEZMER KLUB (the songs and music of the Jewish diaspora from excellent and popular band who have given us many enjoyable evenings) 

3 MAY: HUNTER ROBERTSON (fine US singer and banjo player who now lives in Switzerland; old-timey songs and tunes) 

10 MAY: SARA GREY (popular and long-established US singer of mainly traditional American songs, also well known for her frailing banjo style) 

17 MAY: RON TAYLOR AND JEFF GILLETT (Ron is a great singer of English traditional songs, and a former member of the Songwainers; he is accompanied by Jeff, a masterly guitarist)

31 MAY: ANNE LISTER (singer-songwriter with long association with the Cellar; she wrote Icarus, Moth and many other fine songs, many of which have been recorded by other performers, including Martin Simpson; she was also half of the duo Anonyma with Mary McLaughlin) 

7 JUNE: DONAL MAGUIRE (great Irish singer of serious traditional songs who also excels at funny songs; originally from County Louth, and long resident in UK, he also plays mandolin) 

14 JUNE: CHRIS ROHMANN (American singer-songwriter, popular when he lived in London in the 70s; serious and comic songs; he wrote Funky Moped, which was one side of Jasper Carrott’s first hit single)





The CellarUpstairs